Neem oil

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Organic ECOCERT certified pesticide

Mode of Action

Nimbecidine exhibits multiple modes of action. It acts as an:

  • Antifeedant
  • Repellent
  • Ovi-position Deterrent
  • Antifeedant
  • Insect Growth Regulator
  • Sterilant

Dose and Method of Application

Foliar spray - Prepare the spray fluid by mixing Nimbecidine with water @ 5 ml / Litre. The spray fluid should be applied targeting the pests directly. The dosage and spray fluid volume required varies with the pest level, crop canopy and the local spray practices.

Apply preferably in the early morning or late evening hours.

Preparation of Spray Solution

Add water to Nimbecidine. Do not add Nimbecidine to water.

Stir well to get a good emulsion.


Nimbecidine is compatible with most of the agricultural crop protection chemicals and bio control agents.


  • Nimbecidine is a broad spectrum botanical insecticide.
  • Nimbecidine is a natural plant based botanical insecticide.
  • Nimbecidine does not create resistance, resurgence nor residue problems.
  • Nimbecidine forms a good molecule for use in an IPM programme.


  • It effectively controls the economically important pests such as Whitefly, Aphids, Thrips, Mealy bugs, Caterpillars and Leafhoppers in a wide range of crops.
  • Does not affect the natural enemies. Safe to use with beneficial parasites and predators and thus offers long-lasting pest control.
  • Helps to increase productivity by controlling the pests and improving crop health.
  • It is eco-friendly and helps to maintain the Ecological Balance.
  • Insects cannot develop resistance against Nimbecidine.
  • No residue.


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Neem oil

By admin 0 1 238
Very Good
1 year ago
Kupondol 44700, Bagmati, Nepal


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